"If you can pull it with a pickup, we can fix it!"

“If you can pull it with a pickup, we can fix it!”

“If you can pull it with a pickup, we can fix it!”

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Reliable Trailer Repairs

You can work with our full-service repair shop for all of your trailer maintenance.  We have excellent trailer equipment and parts.  Our experts can deliver the repairs you need!

Parts Available Right Now

Let us help you get the parts you need. With our full line of parts, we should have the parts to get you back on the road again. Call now so you can get the job done right the first time!!

Work with our Local Team

We started our business selling equipment in 1978.  In 1981, we began building trailers and eventually morphed into our current business in 1988.

We operate a trailer parts house and repair facility in Amarillo, Texas.  We take pride in providing parts as well as information to help you repair your trailer.   If you want us to repair your trailer we will be happy to do so. Our philosophy is to recommend what we think you need to be safe on the hi-way.  It is your prerogative to tell us what you want us to do.  We will be happy to do a full-service repair job or to just patch you up, and send you on your way.   Unfortunately, a patch job is done to your specs, not ours, and you assume full responsibility if there are further problems.

Not only do we have a full line of trailer parts we also have a service department for all your repairs. Raymond and Tim are available at Hawkins Trailer for all your trailer repair needs.

Our goal is to stock whatever parts are needed to operate a full-service repair shop.  We do very well at meeting the needs of our customers as well as our many friends who are also in the repair business.

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Nathan Sherman

Nathan Sherman

General Manager

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Tim Lancaster